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Juan Karstel

Juan Karstel

Another recovering beach bum, Juan Karstel, otherwise known as the SEO guy is based in the beautiful Cape Town office, and brings his unwavering support for Western Province and the Stormers to the Quirk dynamic, that and an in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of the gaming world. Juan graduated from Triple A with a post graduate degree in Advertising, and is passionate about the versatility of marketing and the pursuit of knowledge into the human condition and what makes people tick.  Juan enjoys comedy, especially anything starring the highly quotable Will Ferrell and is kept entertained by his dog Zeus, his cats Cookie and Sushi and 16 fish that, to his horror and delight, seem to have developed a bit of a cannibalistic streak

Websites of Note:

Likely to be heard saying around the office:

I’ve been attending the same party for the past 12 years – and in no way is that depressing.

What is your secret reason for wanting to work @ Quirk?

He always wanted to be able to admire Table Mountain from his desk.

What topics do you hope to write about on GottaQuirk?

Tips on SEO and Conversion Optimisation 

You can catch Juan on Twitter @juan_karstel or find out more about him on his QuirkStar profile.

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